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Runs on any computer

The same version of nuQ can run on a stand alone pc, intranet or on the internet.

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Any employee can use your intranet or the internet to change personal data, book leave requirements, securely view his/her payslip, view payment history and generally do what you want your employees to do. Easily set security profiles, limit what an employee can do.

nuQ in the cloud

Access your NuQ payroll software from anywhere. If the PC has internet access and Internet Explorer, you will be able to log into your payroll, be it from home or work.

Case studies

Case Study 1

Customer background

A leading organisation dedicated to finding better ways of doing things, with a staff of approximately 2800 employees and another nuQ client, Avusa Media Limited, which runs some 25 individual payrolls with a staff complement of around 3000 heads, experienced similar challenges.

Business situation

Both organisations ran adequate computerised payroll systems, but which were unable to handle the sophisticated requirements of the two organisations, necessitating a fair number of manual calculations. One area of particular difficulty for both organisations was the handling of multiple levels of cost codes (5 levels and 7 levels respectively). Each level of the cost code was entered separately from different sources, and all levels (for any employee) only came together when pay was calculated and cost records were generated. While each level of the code might be valid, the combination of levels could be invalid. This led to many adjustments having to be made to the cost reports generated by the payroll, before they could be used by management and be posted to the general ledger.


The nuQ claim that no calculation was too complex to be handled was put to a severe test, as the combination of cost levels that eventually comes together at pay calculation time must be validated before the pay run is finalised. Tables to hold each of the many thousands of individual cost codes and others to hold rules for valid combinations were set up. Routines to apply the valid combination rules at pay calculation time and to generate error messages pointing out invalid combinations were put in place, and presto! nuQ did it again! Errors are fixed after consultation with the persons involved, and the pay (only for affected employees) is then recalculated.


The cost and general ledger files created from nuQ are now error free, requiring no manual adjustments, at considerable savings to these clients. The individual tables holding each level of the cost codes and the valid combination rules are updated whenever there is a change and the old headache no longer exists. Two happy clients!