in the Cloud

Access your NuQ payroll software from anywhere!!

The Intelligent

HR/Payroll Software


nuQ grows as your business grows.

Runs on any computer

The same version of nuQ can run on a stand alone pc, intranet or on the internet.

Employee self-service

Any employee can use your intranet or the internet to change personal data, book leave requirements, securely view his/her payslip, view payment history and generally do what you want your employees to do. Easily set security profiles, limit what an employee can do.

nuQ in the cloud

Access your NuQ payroll software from anywhere. If the PC has internet access and Internet Explorer, you will be able to log into your payroll, be it from home or work.



The nuQ Integrated Payroll and Human Resources Management System is an ultra-modern, truly 21st Century web-enabled system. Read more »


The nuQ system provides a flexible and elegant solution to multinational payrolls, offering the calculation of elements in multiple currencies, across multiple tax authorities and with results presented in multiple languages. We are keen to expand to different countries and are constantly looking for opportunities to perform additional localisation. Country-specific localisations that have already been completed include: Read more »

Standard functionality

The standard system is delivered with all functionality required to run a straightforward payroll system, so that most organisations will need to do no more than use the core functionality to set-up the payroll (and/or HR system) to cater for their own internal pay and HR rules. Read more »

Technical environment

The Microsoft .NET software development platform and operating environment has been widely applauded as the best thing since sliced bread in the world of software development, at least for the Windows platform. Read more »