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If a car allowance is cancelled, can SARS penalise employee?

I am not quite sure what you mean by “bring his car allowance to zero”.  Your question only makes sense where the employee is paid on a cost to company basis, with a total package which he can adjust from time to time (usually only annually).  If the employee is paid on a total package basis, then he would be well advised to cancel his car allowance as a package component (which is what I think you mean) if he does not in fact use his private car for business purposes.  It is of course possible that SARS might query this in the event of a PAYE audit on the employer, but any penalty for such action would be levied against the employer, not the employee.  The employer is responsible for deducting the correct PAYE, and if the car allowance is a disguised salary and not for private travel, then SARS is entitled to penalise the employer for the PAYE not deducted on 60% (or 80% from March 2010) of the travel allowance, plus penalties of up to 200% and interest.