in the Cloud

Access your NuQ payroll software from anywhere!!

The Intelligent

HR/Payroll Software


nuQ grows as your business grows.

Runs on any computer

The same version of nuQ can run on a stand alone pc, intranet or on the internet.

Employee self-service

Any employee can use your intranet or the internet to change personal data, book leave requirements, securely view his/her payslip, view payment history and generally do what you want your employees to do. Easily set security profiles, limit what an employee can do.

nuQ in the cloud

Access your NuQ payroll software from anywhere. If the PC has internet access and Internet Explorer, you will be able to log into your payroll, be it from home or work.


nuQ is designed to run anywhere in the world, and to be used in any language. The default language in which the system is issued is English, but all names, labels and descriptions throughout the system can be easily translated to any language.

User profiles indicate the preferred language of each user, and all screens and data presented to that user will be in the language of his (or her) choice.

The preferred language of each employee is also indicated to the system, and it is possible to generate payslips in the employee’s preferred language. Payslips can also be generated in the employer’s preferred language, as would be required for filing purposes.

All the above presupposes that all terms have been translated to the required language – a labourous but simple one time exercise.