in the Cloud

Access your NuQ payroll software from anywhere!!

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HR/Payroll Software


nuQ grows as your business grows.

Runs on any computer

The same version of nuQ can run on a stand alone pc, intranet or on the internet.

Employee self-service

Any employee can use your intranet or the internet to change personal data, book leave requirements, securely view his/her payslip, view payment history and generally do what you want your employees to do. Easily set security profiles, limit what an employee can do.

nuQ in the cloud

Access your NuQ payroll software from anywhere. If the PC has internet access and Internet Explorer, you will be able to log into your payroll, be it from home or work.


Security is of paramount importance in payroll and we have taken great care in this regard. A profile defines all the functions that can be accessed or used by that profile. The system is supplied with just one profile. This profile allows the user to access all functions that have been set up, with no restrictions.

The person responsible would set up as many different profiles as they would require, and specify which functions should be linked to specific profiles.

Each person who is to be allowed access to the nuQ system must be set up as a user, with a password. That user is then allocated one of the profiles that have been set up.

The preferred language of the user is also indicated. If more than one language has been set up in the system, all screens will be presented in each user's preferred language.

This makes it possible to have users who do not speak a common language to use the system without any difficulty.